UX Lead: Client Engagement, Digital Strategy, Product Design


Collaborated with Weight Watchers in their effort to become a world-class, data-driven organization. This partnership allowed me to re-think their PointsPlus formula, incorporate wearable devices into their services, and switch them from a waterfall to an agile product development cycle.


Path to a Better You.



Weight Watchers was stuck in a downward spiral. Membership attrition was decreasing.  Their digital products were viewed as outdated and they were increasingly losing marketshare to competitors who offered free or better services.  On top of all that, their efforts to connect wearables into their system architecture failed. 



The Weight Watcher's product team embedded within our own, so they could experience firsthand how Agile Methodology and Design Thinking worked.  I lead many workshops detailing the process, risk and benefits of the two frameworks. There was a lot of resistance and doubt, but when we had our first working prototype in 4-weeks, they saw the value immediately. 


We released a responsive webapp in 3-months that incorporated wearable technology into the Weight Watcher's member experience.  We re-thought how the WW PointsPlus system worked in conjunction with a wearable device.  Weight Watcher’s stock jumped 5% upone release of the webapp.


Made at Slalom Consulting; Experience Design Lead