Day 2X

A bit behind these postings as Portland has been HOT.  Now I'm playing catch up with batch of imaged from the past few days.

This exercise is not random; here are my objectives with the 'painting-a-day' exercise:
1.  Explore themes that may lead to larger paintings or drawings
2. They are meant to be quick - too clear the mind and be spontaneous
3. Experiment with some techniques - what works, what doesn't - play
4. Make some money


Ca va aller - is French for 'everything will be okay' (more or less). Everything will be okay was something my grandfather once said to me while in my early 20s. It resonated then, as it does still now. Before I left Chicago for San Francisco and Portland, I was working on new set of paintings with this thought in mind. 

I converted the phrase to French, because I like the language - everything sounds better in French. 


Day 2

marker / kraft paper(unmounted) 8"x8"



Day 3

ink, gold marker / paper  (unmounted) 8"x8"



Day 1 . 08/01/2017

ink, charcoal and gold / paper  (unmounted) 8"x8"



Day 5

ink, gold paint / paper  (unmounted) 8"x8"



Cat - I sketch a lot of cats. I think cats are cool. Kittens are cooler. I once created a character called Jude the Cat, who was telepathic and could transform to a standing, human-height, feline at will. 


Day 6

ink, charcoal and gold leaf marker / paper  (unmounted) 8"x8"



Words - I'm exploring the use of comic-book sound effects for some as yet to be determined purpose. 


Day 7

ink and gold leaf marker / paper  (unmounted) 8"x8"



Day 8

ink, charcoal and gold marker / paper  (unmounted) 8"x8"



Day 9

ink, gold marker / sumi paper  (unmounted) 8"x8"