If it disturbs you, it is art.

My art practice is an integral aspect to my creative self. Where graphic design, design thinking, and user experience are all excellent tools and methods in devising compelling solutions. The purpose of art is to simply raise the question. To possess the profound curiosity to ask who, what, why and how?  

Art doesn't need to devise the solution, this is design's role.

As an artist, my practice focuses on the human condition; that universal search for growth, purpose, and identity which we all experience. Who am I? What is our purpose? Why are we here? How can I change what is seemingly unchangeable? 


There are good dreams and bad. Dreams that realize our potential, and dreams that lead to our ruin. Then there are the dreams forgotten and found again. This is the story of discovering those dreams. Lost Dreams is about my search for purpose—the search for one's destiny. It is set up as a series of dreams I recorded where I find myself in Paris -- searching.







Everything Will Be Okay     

Chicago Art Department



Lost Dream     
Lost Dream     

Chicago Arts District 
Chicago Art Department



Group Show     

Chicago Art Department 



Group Show 
Fight Club         

Chicago Art Department
Chicago Art Department 




Octane Coffee, Atlanta



Emotional Being     

Mid-City Lofts, Atlanta


Resident Artist . Chicago Art Department

BFA Visual Communications . Univ. of Mississippi