Winner Takes All



To Nike, the World Cup is the most important sporting event, even more than the Olympics. It is the one time when all business units focus on a single event and compete with each other.

Competitiveness is at the core of Nike's culture.


The Brand Analytics team is responsible for compiling all data, from social media to marketing and present it to leadership.  

Previously, this was done using Excel and Keynote. For FBR14, the ask was real-time data leading up to the World Cup. 


The technology solution was Tableau, combining over a 100 data feeds into one elegant package. However the solution did not lead with technology but with brand.

Interviewing key stakeholders, I understood the passion and importance of this event which led me to do things with Tableau which no one thought possible.


I created a new measurement standard for leadership to use as a North Star in measuring their success during World Cup and future events.


My Role: Experience Design Lead


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Made at Slalom Consulting

What I saw today in the demo was impressive. We have certain mixes at Nike that help guide all our work and one of them is β€˜It is our Nature to Innovate.’ What I saw your team do with Tableau today was a true innovation of the product.”
— Matt W., Senior Digital Marketing Analyst