I'm a non-traditional creative, crossing seamlessly between traditional & digital, fine art & commercial. I started as an artist, began work in marketing & communication, and fell in love with product design. 

Everyday I bring different elements of those talents together to bring amazing ideas to life. 



Design is more than how your product looks; it’s about meeting your business objectives while giving your users a frictionless, memorable experience. I will create something that looks and works great and then analyze key metrics to ensure it’s meeting your goals.



For years, I have guided brand strategy for companies defining themselves for the first time as well as established brands seeking to refresh or re-align their image. I develop brand systems that represent your company and resonate with your customers. 



Whether you’re launching a new startup, or looking to bring innovation to your company, I can provide solutions to craft MVPs and large scale web applications, bringing your big ideas to market.

“I’ve had the privilege to work with Jerry at multiple companies and on a wide variety of projects. Jerry not only thinks big when it comes to solving problems, he is passionate about making the process fun and exciting for his team. This passion is clearly evident in the way Jerry approaches user-center design. Jerry is someone who recognizes not just how to make things easier but how to make them meaningful and sharable.”

Thomas Dahl - Practice Leader for Experience Design


“When designing any user experience, you need such acute attention to detail, passion in the research and user journey exercises it takes to fully architect any final product. Working with Jerry, his prowess was remarkable, and he helped us carry a very large product through the business, all the way to our CMO. Only great things to say about him.”

Nick Cifuentes — Senior Director, Digital Engagements


“Jerry is an extremely creative thinker and strategist that looks to a myriad of sources when designing a solution to a problem. Drawing inspiration from games to real world scenarios that sit outside of the problem space, he always has a fresh way of looking at scenarios and coming up with unique strategies. Jerry will always push the boundaries of traditional thought, but give you implementable solutions. Combining his modern approach with a wealth of experience Jerry is bound to make an impact on any team.”

Tricia Spoonts — Director of User Experience