Helping Blue Cross Blue Shield innovate the future of healthcare with a series of experiments and rapid prototyping


How do you innovate the future of Healthcare?

With a series of experiments and rapid prototyping to reveal possible outcomes. Working closely with the Director of Innovation in visualizing future scenarios and outcomes in improving the quality of care and decreasing the cost of health services. The Caregiver application is one such exercise.

The Caregiver application provides a single, secure platform for patients and caregivers to take control of user-specific healthcare needs; including education, document management, logistics, reminders, and billing. It allows for a consistent care experience for every patient. 

As an innovation project, the purpose of these exercises is to facilitate a conversation within the organization’s leadership.



Healthcare is a big complicated space, with no easy answers, and it has been undergoing massive changes. The Director of Innovation at BCBS need our help in exploring possible future-thinking solutions and telling this story to key stakeholders within the organization.



My research revealed three key findings driving cost in Healthcare: 

1) Caregiving  
2) Re-admittance  
3) Adherence    

I decided to focus on caregiving, and begun with the hypothesis of: How can the power of a smart phone aid a caregiver.



I provided the story, background, and tools to help drive the conversation internally with the executive team and other key stakeholders within the organization.



Experience Design Lead : Responsible for the experience strategy and design of the prototype. Leading the UX work, producing all major deliverables and presenting these to stakeholders.  

• Design Research
• Personas, User Stories, Wireframes
• Product Design  
• Prototype


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