AV200 — Hope for All

A 2-day, 200-mile bike ride through urban and rural Georgia, to raise awareness and funding for HIV/AIDS vaccine research at the Emory Vaccine Center. The cycling event is designed to challenge individuals and teams; while inspiring the community to work towards a world where HIV/AIDS is part of human history.

As an all volunteer run organization that donates 100% of all money raised to its beneficiaries – they had a bit of a branding/awareness problem. People associated with ACA found out that I’m a cyclist and once did the 500+ mile LifeCycle ride in California, and were trying to recruit me for their event. I said, “Only if we rebrand the event, as you guys need help.”, and so began a 4-year relationship of awesome. 


Action Cycling Atlanta | Strategy, Brand + Creative Direction

Jerry worked tirelessly for 4 years to transform our brand from Action Cycling 200 to AIDS Vaccine 200. He worked with us to refine our messaging. He developed everything which represented us visually (logos, posters, jerseys, and web design). He created a brand which propelled us from a $100,000 ride to a $250,000+ ride.
— Bret Busch, Ride Director & Board President