My name is Jerry Koepp. I’m a freelance UX Designer and Experience Strategist specializing in brand, visual communications and product design.


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What I do

I plan and design meaningful customer experiences that are relevant for the user and good for business. I’m a strategic thinker as well as a hands-on practitioner who is driven by curiosity and the promise of a good challenge.



Who I've worked with

Since 1996, I have worked for award-winning agencies, start-ups and large corporations. I've tackled everything from re-brands, to marketing campaigns to video games. My roots are in digital, but these days I usually tackle complex service design projects.


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iXL  |   Slalom Consulting  |  Marriott  |  North Highland/Merge Agency



I've worked on amazing stuff

My projects reflect a wide-ranging interest in various industries and topics. The Health Care and Gaming has been my most constant companion, but retail, food & beverage, technology and finance have also featured prominently.



What I offer

As an experience strategist, I help you develop a customer-centric approach to evolving products and services. As a UX practitioner, I support you in getting a project off-the-ground with well thought out concepts.


Customer Experience Strategy ⎥ Creative Direction ⎥ Personas ⎥ Customer Journey Mapping

User Experience Design ⎥ Information Architecture ⎥ Design Principles ⎥ Usability Reviews



Clients and peers have great things to say

“I’ve had the privilege to work with Jerry at multiple companies and on a wide variety of projects. Jerry not only thinks big when it comes to solving problems, he is passionate about making the process fun and exciting for his team. This passion is clearly evident in the way Jerry approaches user-center design. Jerry is someone who recognizes not just how to make things easier but how to make them meaningful and sharable.”

Thomas Dahl - Practice Leader for Experience Design


“When designing any user experience, you need such acute attention to detail, passion in the research and user journey exercises it takes to fully architect any final product. Working with Jerry, his prowess was remarkable, and he helped us carry a very large product through the business, all the way to our CMO. Only great things to say about him.”

Nick Cifuentes — Senior Director, Digital Engagements


“Jerry is an extremely creative thinker and strategist that looks to a myriad of sources when designing a solution to a problem. Drawing inspiration from games to real world scenarios that sit outside of the problem space, he always has a fresh way of looking at scenarios and coming up with unique strategies. Jerry will always push the boundaries of traditional thought, but give you implementable solutions. Combining his modern approach with a wealth of experience Jerry is bound to make an impact on any team.”

Tricia Spoonts — Director of User Experience


Leonardo DaVinci is my role-model

To round out my oeuvre, I also have an art practice in the Dogpatch, an eclectic SF neighborhood of artists and makers, where I experiment with materials, explore themes affecting our daily lives, and general express my curiosity for what life has to offer: LTNG.studio